1431. Sorghum inflorescence is called :

A. Panicle
B. Flower
C. Ear
D. Spike

1432. The first carboxylation enzyme in C4 plants is :

A. Rubisco
B. Carbon anhydrase
C. Phosphenol pyruvate carboxylase *
D. None of them

1433. Barnyard grass is an important weed of :

A. Maize
B. Rice *
C. Wheat
D. Sunflower

1434. Plants take nitrogen from the soil in the form of :

A. Nitrate
B. Ammonium
C. Ammonia
D. Both A and B *

1435. Photo respiration is mostly observed in :

A. Cam plants
B. C4 plants
C. C3 Plants *
D. None of them

1436. Ks-282 and Ks-133 are the cultivars of :

A. Maize
B. Wheat
C. Coarse Rice *
D. Fine rice

1437. Green revolution refers to the development of :

A. Cultivars with more green foliage
B. Dwarf varieties
C. Dwarf high fertilizers responsive varieties
D. Fertilizer responsive varieties *

1438. Which is the example of root crop ?

A. Potato
B. Sweet potato *
C. Ground nut
D. Carrot

1439. Bread wheat is :

A. Monoploid
B. Diploid
C. Tetraploid *
D. Hexploid

1440. Castor bean is :

A. Ornamental plant
B. Cereal crop
C. Pulse crop
D. Oil seed crop *