531. Pesticide group which goes into the system of host and kills pest without harming host is called_________________?

A. Systemic
B. Contact
C. Selective
D. Protect ant

532. A mixture of active and inert ingredients is called_________________?

A. Formulation
B. Dose
C. Active ingredient
D. Inert ingredient

533. What colour show moderately hazarous_________________?

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Brown

534. What is antidote of organophosphate and carbamate poisoning________________?

A. Atropine
B. Diazepam
C. Earbiturates
D. None of the Above

535. What is antidote of anticoagulant rodenticide_____________________?

A. Vitamin K
B. Atropine
C. Diazepam
D. Earbiturate

536. A chemical which causes plant does it called __________________?

A. Bait
B. Defoliant
C. Chronic poisoning
D. Acute poisoning

537. A chemical which inhibits clotting mechanisms of the blood is called __________________?

A. Chronic poisoning
B. Bait
C. Defoliant
D. Acute poisoning

538. A mixture included pesticides which decrease the efficiency of each other is called__________________?

A. Additive mixture
B. Antagonistic mixture
C. Potentiating mixture
D. None of the Above

539. For safe application of pesticide which things are required ?

A. Goggles, respirator
B. Overall,gloves
C. Head cores
D. All of above

540. Antecedents prevent pest to cause damage called___________________?

A. Sterilant
B. Protectant
C. Systemic
D. Contact