561. An escape constructed with masonry or pitched with stones to dispose off surplus of tank or reservoir is called________________?

A. Bye-wash
B. paved-escape
C. Water escape
D. Disposal channel

562. The permissible limit of hardness of water fore low pressure boiler is _____________________?

A. 30 mg/litre
B. 40 mg/litre
C. 50 mg/litre
D. 60 mg/litre

563. Sterilization is the process of killing ___________ of water borne diseases, so as to make it safe for hospital use?

A. Algai bacteria
B. Fungi bacteria i
C. Pathogenic bacteria
D. Insects

564. Always flow inside the ground is ____________________?

A. Laminar
B. Turbulent
C. Rotational
D. Compressible

565. The resultant pressure of water on the face of dam is equal to ____________________ ?

A. 1/2 WH2
B. 1/2 WH
D. All are correct

566. The steep conduits made in the body of dam for running turbines to generate hydro-electric power are called__________________?

A. Tunnels
B. Chuttes
C. Penstocks
D. Weep holes

567. When reservoir is full on upstream side, the maximum stress comes upon__________________?

A. Top of dam
B. Bottom of dam
C. Face of dam
D. All are correct

568. Tanda dam is constructed on river ___________________?

A. Haro
B. Hub
C. Kabul
D. Kohat

569. Water storage efficiency in the root zone depends upon__________________?

A. Porosity
B. Fine particles of soil
C. Coarse particles of soil
D. Climatic conditions

570. Water available in root zone of plants, is about 50% of soil moisture content. which is always available to the plants is called________________?

A. Effective water
B. Soil-moisture content
C. Capillary water
D. All are correct