901. The cotton plant sheds more fruits mainly due to_________________?

A. More number of irrigations
B. Higher temperature
C. Higher dose of fertilizer
D. Insects and pest

902. Dwarf varieties of wheat are more resistance to_______________?

A. Disease
B. Insect pest
C. Lodging
D. Viruses

903. Yield losses of rice crop due to weed infestation are___________________?

A. 10-20%
B. 5-15%
C. 20-50%
D. 20-60%

904. Wheat is predominantly________________?

A. Self pollinated crop
B. Often cross pollinated crop
C. Cross pollinated crop
D. Apomictie crop

905. Growing more then one crop in a season in the same land is called________________?

A. Monocropping
B. Double cropping
C. Intensive cropping
D. Intercropping

906. A condition of green plants in which they become unhealthy and pale fellow in colour is known as_________________?

A. Chromoplast
B. Leucoplast
C. Chlorosis
D. Chromoplast

907. The crop which are cultivated for grain purposes are called_________________?

A. Fodder crops
B. Cereal crops
C. Fiber crops
D. Leguminous crops

908. The best soil for cotton cultivation is_________________?

A. Sandy soil
B. Loamy soil
C. Silty soil
D. Clay loam soil

909. The herb plants have___________________?

A. Woody stem
B. Non-woody stem
C. Trunk
D. All the above

910. Water courses are lined to avoid_________________?

A. Transpiration
B. Evaporation
C. Seepage
D. Erosion