751. The loss of head H/ L is proportional to the length of creep. There fore the loss of head per unit creep length is called ______________________?

A. Hydraulic gradient
B. Head loss
C. Creep length
D. Exit gradient

752. To keep the Hydraulic structure safe against undermining the ________________ should be safe?

A. Exit gradient
B. Hydraulic gradient
C. Creep length
D. Critical exit gradient

753. According to Mr. Khosla, the seeping water creates undermining and the undermining starts from__________________?

A. Down stream to up stream
B. Up stream to down stream
C. Top to bottom
D. Bottom to top

754. Khosla provided a seepage theory for design of Hydraulic structures called________________?

A. Theory of seepage
B. Method of independent variables
C. Method of cutoffs
D. Creep theory

755. The invented filter is provided just after the end of concrete floor to reduce () possibility of _________________?

A. Piping
B. Under mining
C. Up thrust
D. a and b are correct

756. The inverted filter consists layer of materials of increasing ______________ from bottom to top?

A. Piping
B. Under mining
C. Permeability
D. Up thrust pressure

757. The total length of impervious floor on down stream of the hydraulic structure is determined by Bligh’s Theory__________________?

A. Lane
B. Darcy
C. Khosla
D. All are correct

758. A water rise takes place on down stream of sloping glacis, when a stream of water moving with high velocity and low depth strikes another stream of flow moving with low velocity and high depth, such breakage in water surface is called______________?

A. Water wave
B. Water tide
C. Hydraulic jump
D. Afflux

759. The hydraulic jump is formed on down stream of toe of glacis for the purpose to dissipate surplus energy of the flowing water, the nature and strength of jump depends upon a Number called______________________?

A. Reynolds
B. Froude No
C. Webber
D. Darcy,s law

760. According to Blight, the percolating water seeps along the lower contour of the hydraulic structure, the length traversed by this water is called ______________________?

A. Creep length
B. Seeping length
C. Piping
D. Undermining