1311. The economy of pakistan is based on :

A. Agriculture *
B. Industry
C. Mineral resources
D. None of these

1312. Which one of the following is major export comodity of pakistan ?

A. Wheat
B. Cotton *
C. Sheep
D. None of these

1313. Sahiwal breed is a breed of :

A. Buffalo *
B. Cow
C. Sheep
D. Goat

1314. Vertebrate pest of corps include :

A. Insects *
B. Wild bores
C. Spiders
D. None of these

1315. Basmati is a type of :

A. Wheat *
B. Rice
C. Sorghum
D. None of these

1316.Sericulture means :

A. Rearing of honey bees
B. Rearing of silk worms
C. Both of these
D. None of these *

1317. Gossyplum hirsutism is the botanical name of :

A. Sugarcane
B. Wheat
C. American cotton *
D. Maize

1318. Kharif crops include :

A. Wheat
B. Cotton
C. Both of these *
D. None of these

1319. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) is the term used for the organisms produced through the application of :

A. Genetic engineering *
B. Modelian Genetics
C. Both of these
D. None of these

1320. The carrier of “Cotton” leaf curl virus” in pakistan is considered to be :

A. White fly
B. Jassids
C. American bollworm *
D. None of these