1361. Population genetics is based on :

A. Principles of population control
B. Mendel’s laws
C. Hardy Wienberg’s law
D. Genotype environment interaction
E. None of these *

1362. Inqalab 91 is a variety of :

A. Rice *
B. Cotton
C. Sugarcane
D. Wheat
E. None of these

1363. Crops produced in hilly areas are low in :

A. Iron
B. Zinc
C. Nitorgen
D. Iodine *
E. None of these

1364. Crossing over occurs between:

A. Sister chromatids
B. Homologous chromosomes *
C. Non-Romologous chromosomes
D. None of these

1365. Gypsum is rich source of :

A. Calcium + Zinc
B. Potassium + Nitrogen
C. Calcium + Sulphur *
D. None of these

1366. F.A.O has its headquarters in :

A. London
B. New York
C. Geneva *
D. None of these

1367. Organic matter in soil helps in :

A. Improving soil structure
B. Improving soil texture *
C. Weed control
D. None of these

1368. Seed cotton means :

A. Seed without lint *
B. Seed with Lint
C. Lint only
D. None of these

1369. The ploidy level of American cotton is :

A. Diploid *
B. Triploid
C. Tetraploid
D. None of these

1370. Contribution of Agriculture to GDP is :

A. 35 %
B. 50 %
C. 75 %
D. None of these *