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171. Private or public debt owed to foreign citizens firms and institutions ?

A. External debt
B. Internal debt
C. Loan
D. None

172. Tax levied on production of specific product on quantity of product purchased ?

A. Sales tax
B. Excise tax
C. Income tax
D. All

173. A line which shows different combinations of two products a consumer can purchase with a specific money income, given the products price?

A. Indifference curve
B. Lorenz curve
C. Budget line
D. Say’s law

174. Selling public assets to individuals or private business interests ?

A. Publication
B. Downsizing
C. Privatization
D. All

175. The investment of private foreign funds in the economy of a developing nation?

A. Private foreign investment
B. Public investment
C. Both a and b
D. None of these

176. A large govt. role and some degree of coordinated economic decision making directed towards transforming the economy are usually viewed as essential components of__________________?

A. Tradititional economics
B. Development economics
C. Political economics
D. None

177. ______________assumes economic rationality and purely materialistic, individualistic, self interested orientation towards economic decision making?

A. Traditional economy
B. Political economy
C. Capitalistic economy
D. Open economy

178. Yearly number of live births per 1000 population is termed as_________________?

A. Live birth rate
B. Crude birth rate
C. Infant birth rate
D. All

179. In less developed nations economic dependency burden is__________________?

A. 65 % of the population
B. 55 % of the population
C. 35 % of the population
D. 45 % of the population

180. In richer nations children are______________% of the dependents?

A. 60 %
B. 70 %
C. 66 %
D. 45%