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451. What is T.S.O ?

A. Technical sales officer
B. Technical scientific officer
C. Tehsil sale officer
D. None of the Above

452. The mixing of pesticide through agitator to prevent it form separating in the sprayer tarik is called_________________?

A. Activator
B. Synergism
C. Adjuvant
D. Agitation

453. Larvae with both thoracic and abdominal legs is_________________?

A. Cruciform
B. carabifrom
C. Vermiform
D. Platy form

454. Syrphid flies have type of larvae________________?

A. Platy form
B. Carabiform
C. vermiform
D. Eruiform

455. Moths and butterflies have types of pupae________________?

A. Obtect
B. Coarctate
C. Exarate
D. Platyform

456. Hind winds of true flies are modified in to tiny knobbed structure is known as________________?

A. Filohalteres
B. Pseudohalteres
C. Halteres
D. Membranous

457. Beetles, weevils, earwigs. have fore wing very thick and hard structure is__________________?

A. Hemelytra
B. Elytra
C. Stripy
D. Halteres

458. Butterflies having wing coupling apparatus is__________________?

A. Overlapping
B. Jugum
C. Frenulum
D. Overlapping and Jugum

459. Dragonfly and damselfly have type of legs_________________?

A. Fossorial
B. Metatorial
C. Raptorial
D. Basket like

460. Metalegs of worker honey bee is _____________________?

A. Antenna cleaner
B. Silk secreting
C. Cursorial
D. Pollen collecting