1131. Plants uptake their nutrients from____________________?

A. Air
B. Water
C. So
D. All the above

1132. Protein content in barely is higher than____________________?

A. maize
B. rice
C. wheat
D. None of the above

1133. Shull and East (1908) proposed over dominance hypothesis of hetrosis in_________________?

A. Barley
B. wheat
C. Maize
D. None of the above

1134. ICARDA is located at___________________?

A. Columbia
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Syria
D. None of the above

1135. The concept of disruptive was given by____________________?

A. Morgan
B. Shull and East
C. Mather
D. None of the above

1136. Germplasm gene banks for different crop plants in world are about_____________________?

A. 980
B. 1080
C. 1200
D. 1100

1137. the layer of atmosphere which blocks ultraviolet radiation from sun is___________________?

A. Stratosphere
B. Ozone
C. Ozosphere
D. All the above

1138. Due to phosphorus deficiency in plants____________________?

A. Roots do not develop properly
B. Plants mature late
C. Poor flowering and fruil selling occurs
D. All the above

1139. The condition of drying of plant parts due to lack of water is called__________________?

A. Water stress
B. Drought
C. Wilting
D. None of the above

1140. Generally field crops are cultivated at altitude__________________?

A. 20004000 ft
B. 0008000 ft
C. 1200014000 ft
D. 02000 ft