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411. Cotton bollworms, sugarcane borers are_________________?
A. Major pest
B. Key pest
C. Minor pest
D. Secondary pest
412. Potential pest also called__________________?
A. Secondary pest
B. Major pest
C. Minor pest
D. Key pest
413. All the practices used to control the pest population with in certain limit are called_________________?
A. Artificial control
B. Natural control
C. Cultural control
D. Chemical control
414. The use of all possible control strategies to manage pest population below economic injury level is called________________?
C. Pest outbreak
D. Pest resurgence
415. Propagation and release of sterile incompatible individuals is done in pest population is called__________________?
A. Genetic control
B. Chemical control
C. Regularity control
D. Physical control
416. Population prediction of a particular species with in the field is called____________________?
A. Fore casting
B. Haemospora
C. Surveillance
D. Pest scouting
417. The spreading habit of the crop caused by insect which makes cultivation, weeding and harvesting more difficult is process of________________?
A. Haemospora
B. Fore casting
C. Surveillance
D. Pest scouting
418. The free living insects that catch and devour smaller or more helpless creatures, usually killing them in getting a single meal is called ?
A. Predator
B. Parasites
C. Prey
D. Parasitism
419. The living organisms that are usually larger, stronger or more intelligent then the parasite is called____________________?
A. Host
B. Pray
C. Predator
D. Parasite
420. An egg parasitoid of lepidopterous insects is______________________?
A. Trichogramma sp
B. Apanteles sp
C. water joint beetle
D. Ichneumon