1291. RELP’s, RAPD are helpful in________________?
A. Gene sequencing
B. Gene mapping
C. Identify new genes
D. All the above

1292. The process of producing several identical copies of a gene sequence referred to as__________________?
A. Gene sequencing
B. Gene cloning
C. Gene splicing
D. Micro cloning

1293. The concept of multi line varieties was developed by_________________?
A. Falconer (1960)
B. Goulden (1939)
C. Jensen (1952)
D. Johannsen (1903)

1294. A heterogeneous population include_______________?
A. Composites
B. Multi lines
C. Synthetic
D. All the above

1295. Mass pedigree method was developed by__________________?
A. Harrington (1973)
B. Falconer (1960)
C. Vilomorin (1980)
D. Allard (91400

1296. The most effective method for the transfer of oligogenic characters________________?
A. Bulk
B. Backcross
C. Disruptive
D. Pedigree

1297. Genetic selection was proposed by_________________?
A. Richy (1927)
B. Stadler (1944)
C. Hull (1945)
D. East (1920)

1298. The term recurrent selection was coined by_________________?
A. Hull (1945)
B. Hull (1950)
C. Hays (1919)
D. Garber (1955)

1299. Plasmids are discovered by___________________?
A. Watson & Crick
B. Iscki & Sakai
C. Beadle & Tatum
D. None of the above

1300. Concept of generation means analysis was developed by_______________________?
A. Hayman (1958)
B. Griffing (1965)
C. Jink (1950)
D. Kempthorne (1957)