1281. Mating between distantly related individuals is known as________________?
A. Inbreeding
B. Out breeding
C. Amphimixis
D. All the above

1282. The term self incompatibility was coined by________________?
A. Koelreuter (1763)
B. Gerstel (1950)
C. East (1940)
D. None of the above

1283. Self incompatibility in which the genes express in the style is known as__________________?
A. Styler SL
B. Ovarian SL
C. Polyallelic SL
D. Diallelic SL

1284. Self incompatibility which is controlled by two genes is found in___________________?
A. Gramineae
B. Solanaceae
C. Cruciferae
D. None of the above

1285. Plants having monoecious flowers are found in____________________?
A. Maize
B. Caster
C. Colocasia
D. All the above

1286. Anthesis starts in Allium cepa at___________________?
A. 7.00 am
B. 10.00 am
C. 3.00 pm
D. 5.00 pm

1287. Amphimixis refers to_______________________?
A. Asexual reproduction
B. Sexual reproduction
C. Apomixes
D. None of the above

1288. Cytoplasmic sterility is govemed by________________________?
A. Nuclear genes
B. Plasma genes
C. Monoalleleic genes
D. None of the above

1289. Herkogamy is found in___________________?
A. Barley
B. Berseen
C. Lucrene
D. Alfalfa

1290. Somatic hybrid “Pomato” was produced by fusion between potato and tomato by__________________?
A. Glebe and Hoffmann (1979)
B. Melchers et al (1978)
C. Sam Norum (1976)
D. Guha and Maheshwari (1974)