691. A structure made near weirs and barrages to facilitate the migration of fish up stream or down stream is called __________________?

A. Fish ladder
B. Fish escape
C. Fish pool
D. Fish pond

692. The most economical central angle of an arch dam is made at ___________________?

A. 123º
B. 133!
C. 143º
D. 153º

693. The ratio of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change in level of water surface in distributary at its normal depth is called ____________________?

A. Sensitivity
B. Flexibility
C. Durability
D. Flow ability

694. The unit of kinetic viscosity is equivalent to ______________________?

A. cm2/sec
B. cm/sec2
C. cm/sec
D. All are correct

695. Total energy line (T.E.L) represents the sum of ________________________?

A. Pressure head + kinetic head and datum head
B. Velocity head + kinetic head + datum head
C. Velocity head + potential head + datum head
D. The energy head + potential head + datum head

696. A plot of graphical representation showing river flow against time is called _____________________?

A. Monograph
B. Hyetograph
C. Hydrograph
D. All are correct

697. If the duration of a unit hydrograph approaches zero, the resulting unit hydrograph is called __________________?

A. Instantaneous unit hydrograph
B. Intensity unit hydrograph
C. Unit hydrograph
D. Unit hyetgoraph

698. Land containing high percentage of alkalies may be reclaimed by addition of_____________________?

A. Caso4
B. Gypsum
C. Chemicals
D. Caco3

699. The method of irrigation in which each tree is surrounded by a border to form a pool when water is supplied is called ________________?

A. Furrow irrigation
B. Basin irrigation
C. Border irrigation
D. Check irrigation

700. Net irrigation + field irrigation losses are the requirement of _____________________?

A. Full irrigation
B. Field irrigation
C. Furrow irrigation
D. Basin irrigation


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