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351. White files have eggs______________________?

A. Elongate
B. Conical
C. Stalked
D. Oval

352. Asymmetrical mouths parts present in__________________?

A. Aphid
B. Thrips
C. Housefly
D. None

353. Grass hopper, cricket have mouth parts__________________?
A. Biting chewing type
B. Piercing sucking type
C. Chewing lapping type
D. Biting and sponging type
354. Costal margin of wing of insect is________________?
A. Frontal margin
B. Outer margin
C. Hinder margin
D. Inner margin
355. The long axis of head is horizontal and in line with insect body, mouth parts directed forward is type of head_______________?
A. Prognathous
B. Hypognathous
C. Opisthognathous
D. Opis thosynchous

356. Apical margin of wing of insect is____________________?

A. Hinder margin
B. Frontal margin
C. Outer margin
D. Inner margin

357. Campo deiform is type of_________________?

A. Larvae
B. Pupae
C. Eggs
D. Naiad

358. larvae with cylindrical, elongated, narrow body anterionly and with out legs is__________________?

A. campo deiform
B. Eruci form
C. Vermiform
D. Scarabaeiform

359. Type of pupae with appendages are free and no glued to the body is_________________?

A. Obtect
B. Coarctate
C. Exarate
D. Platyform

360. Grasshopper and cockroaches have type of wings is____________________?

A. Tegmina
B. Hemelytra
C. Stripy
D. hemelgtra