1211. Rhizoplane is________?
A. An area of soil from root surface to 5 cm
B. Root surface
C. Area within the roots
D. All of them

1212. Which of the following is a component of nucleic acid and protein:
A. Ca
B. Mg
C. N
D. None of the above

1213. Humus generally refers to the decomposed organic residues which have undergone a series of degradation and synthesis cycles. The humic substances consist of a series of highly acidic, yellow to black coloured, high molecular weight compounds __________________, which can be separated using different extraction procedures:
A. Hymatomelanic acid & Humin
B. Humic acid & Fulvic acid
C. both A & B
D. None of these

1214. Soil Organic Matter (SOM) serves not only as a reservoir of all the required plant nutrients, but it:
A. Provides energy for the microbial
B. Maintains the productivity of soil
C. Gives structure to the soil
D. All of these

1215. In Pakistan, the major phosphatic fertilizers are
C. Nitrophos
D. All of Above

1216. All the SSP and some nitrophos are are manufactured locally by the National Fertilizer Corporation (NFC): SSP at_________?
A. Faisalabad
B. Jaranwala
C. Haripur
D. All of these

1217. In Pakistan, Nitrophos is manufactured in_________?
A. Multan
B. Sawat
C. Lasbella
D. Shikarpoor

1218. Potassium (K) occurs as a constituent of the earth’s crust in the proportion of_________?
A. 23 %
B. 2.3 %
C. 17 %
D. 1.7 %

1219. Oxygen and Silicon together comprise approximately ______ %of the earth crust?
A. 64 %
B. 79 %
C. 75 %
D. 73 %

1220. The relative abundance of three types of rocks ( igneous-metamorphic- sedimentary) in the earth’s crust is_________?
A. 12.5 % -12.5 % – 75%
B. 64.7 % – 27.4 % – 7.9 %
C. none of A & B
D. 7.9% – 27.7 % – 64.4


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