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111. The export of goods (or goods and services) of a nation less its imports of goods (or goods and services)__________________?

A. Trade Balance
B. Trade deficit
C. Trade surplus
D. None

112. A payment of money or goods & services by a govt. to a household or firm for which the payer receives no good or service directly in return______________?

A. Tax
B. Tariff
C. Transfer payment
D. Subsidy

113. The percentage of labour force unemployment at any time__________________?

A. Unemployment rate
B. Inflation rate
C. Deflation rate
D. None

114. The value of a product sold by a firm less the value of the products purchased and used by the firm to produce the product____________________?

A. Value added
B. Value of money
C. Vertical range
D. None

115. An institution or mechanism which brings together buyers and sellers is called____________________?

A. Market
B. Resource Market
C. Product Market
D. None

116. A market in which products are sold by firms and bought by households is_________________?

A. Resource market
B. Product market
C. Consumer market
D. None

117. A minimum price which govt. allows seller to receive for a good or service____________________?

A. Ceiling Price
B. Floor Price
C. Supprot Price
D. All

118. A compensation device through which workers receive part of their pay in the form of share of their employer’s profit___________________?

A. Labour laws
B. Labour saving scheme
C. Profit sharing plan
D. Profit maximizing plan

119. An analytic approach in which we move from facts to theory, from a particular to general is called____________________?

A. Induction
B. Deduction
C. Generalization
D. Randomization

120. Meaningful statement about the economic behavior or the economy is called_______________________?

A. Economic principle
B. Economic theories
C. Both
D. None