961. In pulses, for the production of nucleus seed we require minimum of_________________?

A. 300 plant progenies
B. 400 plant progenies
C. 500 plant progenies
D. 200 plant progenies

962. Breeders seed production is taken up from the nucleus seed B and A lines are pollinated in an isolation of 1 Km in a ratio of_________________?

A. 1:2
B. 1:3
C. 1:4
D. 1:5

963. Who described. the use of letrazolium for assessing, seed quality and the basis of topographical patterns___________________?

A. Moore (1973)
B. Burries etc (1969)
C. Maguare (1962)
D. Kotowski (1926)

964. Who showed a positive correlation between tetrazolium staining with seed quality in soybean seeds ?

A. Maguire (1963)
B. Barries ei al. (1969)
C. Moore (1973)
D. Woodstock (1976)

965. Who gave the formula for mean germination time?

A. Nicolls &Heydecker (1968)
B. Kotowski (1962)
C. Baskin (1972)
D. Maguire (1962)

966. Who gave the formula for coefficient of velocity of germination ?

A. Kotowski (1926)
B. Germ (1949)
C. Deloucle & Baskin (1972)
D. Moore (1973)

967. genetic purity of seed is determined by________________?

A. Ageing test
B. Grow out test
C. Tz test
D. All the above

968. The seed dormancy of rice seed can be broken by putting into the oven at____________________?

A. 50°c for 5 hrs
B. 53°c for 6 hrs
C. 45°c for 6 hrs
D. none of the above

969. High density grains are found mostly at___________________?

A. Top of panicle
B. Middle of panicle
C. Bottom of panicle
D. All the above

970. Better crop establishment especially for direct seeded rice can be obtained by using________________?

A. High density grain
B. Low density grain
C. Both a & b
D. None of the above