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51. The pesticide poisoning with organo-phosphates or carbamater treated with________________?

A. Milk and hot water
B. Vomiting with brackishy
C. Atropine
D. None of the above

52. The fungi are plants which can not prepare their food because__________________?

A. They are very small
B. They are parasites
C. They have no chlorophyll
D. All the above

53. White rust of crucifers is caused by__________________?

A. Pemospora Parasitica
B. Alternarian solani
C. Albugo candida
D. Aspergillus niger

54. The major disease of matter (field pea) is____________________?

A. Blight
B. Downy mildew
C. Powdery mildew
D. None

55. The study of fungi is called__________________?

A. Pathology
B. Fungicology
C. Mycology
D. Genetics

56. The technical name of jassid is_________________?

A. Microtermas sp
B. Aphis gossypi
C. Earias insulana
D. Amrosca devestons

57. Bombyx morri is the name of___________________?

A. Lady bird beetle
B. Silk worm
C. Honey bee
D. None of the above

58. The major viral disease of cotton is____________________?

A. Cotton boll rot virus
B. Cotton stem crinkle virus
C. Cotton leaf curl virus
D. None of the above

59. Which one of the following is polyphagus insect__________________?

A. American boll worm
B. Whitefly
C. Aphids
D. A

60. Leaf spot or tikka is the disease of____________________?

A. Soybean
B. Sunflower
C. Ground nuts
D. none of these


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