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121. A film on economics in which economists study and observe the details of an economic unit or a very small judgment of economy is__________________?

A. Macroeconomic
B. Micro economic
C. Positive economic
D. Normative economic

122. All points on the production possibility curve explain__________________?

A. Allocative efficiency
B. Productive efficiency
C. Less than full use of resources
D. Unattainable levels of output

123. The activity of buying or selling with the motive of later reselling or re buying for profit is called ?

A. Spillover
B. Speculation
C. Specializing
D. All

124. The amount by which a nation’s export of goods (or goods and services) exceeds its import of goods or goods and services is_______________?

A. Trade surplus
B. Trade deficit
C. Trade off
D. None

125. Opportunity cost is illustrated by the___________________?

A. Steep slope
B. Downward slope
C. Positive slope
D. None

126. Directing domestic resources to output which a nation is highly efficient at producing is called____________________?

A. International Trade
B. Speculation
C. International specialization
D. None

127. In ___________________ we avoid value judgments and focus on facts?

A. Positive economics
B. Normative economics
C. Theoretical economics
D. factual economics

128. Production possibility curve is always concave because ?

A. The curve gets steeper as we move downward
B. The marginal benefit decreases as more of a good is consumed
C. In reflects the law of increasing opportunity cost
D. Resources are scarce

129. Amount of other products which must be foregone or sacrificed to obtain 1 unit of a specific good is called its______________?

A. Opportunity cost
B. Real cost
C. Economic cost
D. None

130. In________________ economics we look at desirability of certain aspects of the economy ?

A. Theoretical
B. Positive
C. Normative
D. None