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131. Any point inside the production possibility curve represents ?

A. Unemployment
B. Failure to achieve productive efficiency
C. Both A. and B.
D. None of these

132. A particular set of institutional arrangement and a coordinating mechanism is___________________?

A. Economic system
B. Fascism
C. Mixed system
D. None

133. The private ownership of resources and use of a system of market and prices to coordinate and direct economic activity________________?

A. Pure capitalism
B. Iaissez faire capital
C. Both
D. None

134. Hitler introduced ?

A. Command economy
B. Traditional economy
C. Mixed economy
D. Authoritarian economy

135. __________________provides an overview of the operation of the capitalist system ?

A. Indifference curve
B. Income budget line
C. Circular flow model
D. Says law

136. determinants of demand are some times referred as__________________________?

A. Demand effectors
B. Demand determinants
C. Demand shifters
D. none

137. A good used together with another good is___________________?

A. Superior good
B. Normal good
C. Complementary good
D. None

138. Productive efficiency means___________________?

A. Producing all output combinations in the least costly way
B. Producing the specific output mix most desired by society
C. Producing the desired ones only
D. None

139. An individuals demand curve is down sloping because_____________________?

A. Price and quantity demanded are inversely related
B. P & D are directly related
C. There is no relation bet P & D
D. None

140. Commodities whose demand varies directly with money income are called______________________?

A. Superior or normal goods
B. Complementary goods
C. Substitutes
D. None


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