1091. The critical stages in cotton is______________?

A. Budding
B. Flowering
C. Boll .formation
D. All the above

1092. EC of saline soil is equal to or greater than________________?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D non of these

1093. The depth of irrigation water required for the full crop period is called_______________?

A. Consuptive use of water
B. Delta of water
C. Optimum use of water
D. non of these

1094. When one set of vegetation follows the oilier set of vegetation with passage of time is known as________________?

A. Succession
B. Retrogression
C. Biodiversity
D. Linear planting

1095. Controlled run off, water supplies, irrigation, soil fertility is called as_________________?

A. Catchmento protection
B. Agriculture conservation
C. Soil protection
D. Saw logs

1096. Very hot and winterless condition is__________________?

A. Tropical
B. Temperature
C. And
D. None of the above

1097. In country’s GDP, the cotton accounts for_________________?

A. 5%
B. 2%
C. 2%
D. 10.15%

1098. The maximum working depth of disc plow is_________________?

A. 300 mm
B. 200 mm
C. 400 mm
D. 450 mm

1099. Drip method of irrigation is not suitable to close spaced crops because_________________?

A. High water requirements
B. High pump pressure
C. High cost on pipes
D. Unavailable of technology

1100. The movement of water in soil profile is.known as__________________?

A. Diffusion
B. Percolation
C. Absorption
D. All the above