701. A structure constructed in channel width having narrow throat and raised floor in bottom, used for measuring discharge is called _____________________?

A. Cippoletti weir
B. Venturimeter
C. Venturiflume
D. regulator

702. That rain fall which is effectively consumed by the plants to meet its consumptive needs is called__________________?

A. Effective rain fall
B. Total rainfall
C. Monsoon rainfall
D. All are correct

703. The soil which are formed due to the weathering effects particularly by movement of water and are high permeable are called _________________?

A. Alluvial soils
B. Non-alluvial soils
C. Impervious soils
D. Semi-impervious soils

704. The unit of volume of water used in irrigation practice in FPS system is Acre-Foot. there fore one Acre- Foot is equal to ___________________?

A. 40560ft3
B. 41560ft3
C. 43560 cubic feet
D. 42560ft3

705. A well penetrated in ground water confined between impervious layer at its top and bottom is called __________________?

A. Non-artesian
B. Artesian well
C. Perched
D. Un-confined

706. Friction head loss in open channels is determined by_________________?

A. Chezy’s formula
B. Darcy weisbach equation
C. Kutter’s formula
D. Pilot tube

707. Torsional force does not act on ____________________?

A. Steel
B. Liquids
C. Soil
D. Wood

708. The specific weight of water at normal pressure of 760 mm, 4ºC temperature and at mean sea level is ______________________?

A. 960kg/m3
B. 1000ka/m3
C. 1100kg/m3
D. 1020kg/m3

709. Bouyant force is equal to the ___________ of liquid displaced by the body in water mass?

A. Weight
B. Volume
C. Specific weight
D. Specific gravity

710. The discharge through rectangular channel is maximum when Hydraulic mean depth m is equal to ______________?

A. depth/ 3
B. depth/ 2
C. depth/ 4
D. 2 / 3 depth