1151. The marble is a__________?
A. Dynamo metamorphic
B. Thermo metamorphic
C. Hydro metamorphic
D. Not sure

1152. The largest soil order in Pakistan?
A. Aridisols
B. Entisols
C. Vertisols
D. Inceptisols

1153. Accumulation of soluble salts in soil________?
A. Alkalization
B. Desalinization
C. Salinization
D. All off these

1154. What is a soil horizon?
A. Soil texture
B. Soil structure
C. Layers of soil
D. All of these

1155. Specific heat of organic matter is______?
A. 0.22
B. 0.33
C. 0.44
D. None of these

1156. BGA was discovered as a nitrogen fixer in paddy field by ?
A. Beijerinck
B. Fred
C. P.K dey
D. None of the above

1157. Specific heat is higher in:
A. Clay
B. Humus
C. both A & B
D. Only Clay

1158. Which element is found highest in earth crust?
A. Aluminum
B. Silicon
C. Sodium
D. None of the above

1159. Which nutrients are immobile in plants?
A. Ca
B. P
C. B
D. Both A & C

1160. Which of the following is not a metamorphic rock?
A. Marble
B. Granite
C. Sand stone
D. both A & B


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