1001. CCRI stands for_______________?

A. Cotton crop research institute
B. Center for crop research institute
C. Central cotton research institute
D. non of these

1002. Seed rate of cotton per acre is________________?

A. 10-22 kg
B. 5-6 kg
C. 14-21 kg

1003. In cotton the recommended R x R distance is_________________?

A. 75 cm
B. 90 cm
C. 45 cm

1004. Delta of water for cotton crop is________________?

A. 30 acre inches
B. 25 acre inches
C. 18 acre inches
D. non of these

1005. Which is the most important cereal crop of temperature region________________?

A. Paddy
B. Maize
C. Wheat
D. Barley

1006. Cotton plant has mode of germination_________________?

A. Determinate type of growth
B. Indeterminate type of growth
C. Semi-determinate
D. Buslry growth habit

1007. The root of cotton plant goes up to depth of_________________?

A. 2-3 ft
B. 4-6 ft
C. 8-10 ft
D. non of these

1008. In B.T cotton B.T. stands for__________________?

A. Bacillus thuringensis
B. Bemisia tabaci
C. Bemisia trachyplerus

1009. On the basis of season cotton is a__________________?

A. Kharif crop
B. Rabi crop
C. Zaid Kharif crop

1010. The productive branches of cotton are called________________?

A. Monopodial branches
B. Sympodial branches
C. Fruiting branches
D. non of these


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