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51. All port believed that traits could be organized into three levels:
A. primary, secondary, tertiary
B. cognitive, emotional, physiological
C. id, ego, superego
D. cardinal, central, secondary

52. The MMPI is used to measure:
A. unconscious drives
B. the Big Five traits
C. personality and psychological disorders
D. leadership potential

53. Which of the following is NOT one of the Big Five traits?
A. sense of humor
B. openness to experience
C. conscientiousness
D. extraversion

54. Freud founded the ________ approach to understanding human behaviour.
A. palliative
B. psychodynamic
C. patronymic
D. psychedelic

55. The influence of parents on the personality of their children is:
A. non-existent
B. weakest in early childhood
C. strongest in early childhood
D. consistent across the lifespan

56. What is special about “knockout” mice?
A. they are very attractive
B. their DNA has been modified
C. they are easy to knock out
D. they are unusually aggressive

57. The aim of behavioural genetics is to learn about:
A. the extent to which geneticists can modify people’s behaviour
B. the possibility of eradicating behavioural problems in children
C. the genetic and environmental influences on human behaviour
D. the ability of animals to learn language

58. Monozygotic is to ________ twins as dizygotic is to ________ twins.
A. male, female,
B. female, male
C. fraternal, identical
D. identical, fraternal

59. Which of the following characteristics describe someone who, according to Maslow, is self-actualized?
A. creativity
B. confidence
C. spontaneity
D. all of the above

60. According to Freud, children pass through 4 stages of psychosexual development.
Which of the following shows the stages in the correct developmental order?
A. oral, anal, phallic, latency
B. latency, oral, anal, phallic
C. phallic, anal, oral, latency
D. oral, phallic, latency, anal