1351. The nature of a nerve impulse is primarily a/an __________ event ; whereas, the nature of the communication between neurons is primarily a/an ____ event :

A. Chemica,electrical
B. Acetylcholine, catecholamine
C. Dendrite ,axon
D. Electrical, chemical *

1352. Acetylcholine, epinephrine, domainer, and histamine are :

A. Prescription-only drugs’
B. Synapses
C. Neurotransmitters *
D. Beta blockers

1353. The conduction of nerve impulse down the axon is called a/an :

A. Ion potential
B. Action potential *
C. Resting discharge
D. Synapse

1354. Communication within a neuron is ___________ while communication between neurons is _________.

A. Chemical,electrical
B. Electrical,mechanical
C. ELectrical, Chemical *
D. Mechanical, Electrical

1355. The branching fibers of the ________ end in ____________ and link with parts of other neurons :

A. Soma ; Somatic membranes
B. Nucleus; Nucleic dampers
C. Dendrite ,dendritic arcs
D. Axon, Axon terminals *

1356. After effectively running from the huge , growling, slobbering wild bear that was running straightforwardly toward you, you interruption to slow down and rest and gather your mind .The actual side effects you presently experience are constrained by the :

A. Sympathetic, nervous system
B. Parasympathetic nervous system *
C. Central Nervous system
D. Neurotransmitter acetylcholine

1357. An action potential actually occurs because :

A. A positive change occurs within the nerve cell’s interior.
B. The inside of the nerve cell becomes negative
C. Potassium ions enter the nerve cell
D. Sodium particles leave the nerve cell *

1358. The most obvious difference between the human brain and the brain of a carp would be in the :

A. Hypothalamus
B. Thalamus
C. Cerebellum
D. Cerebral cortex *

1359. The major link between the brain and the glandular system is the :

A. Hypothalamus *
B. Pituitary
D. Midbrain

1360. _________ is closely related to grammar and pronunciation :

A. Aphasia
B. Broca’s area *
C. Wernicke’s area
D. Agnosia