521. Wilhelm Wundt established the first laboratory of experimental psychology at ___________?
A. Greenwich
B. Zurich
C. Leipzig
D. Munich

522. The most pioneered contributor to Behavioural school of psychology is _________.
A. Freud
B. Allport
C. Watson
D. Fechner

523. Who is the valuable contributor in insightful learning?
A. Thorndike
B. B.F. Skinner
C. Evan Pavlov
D. Kohler

524. ______________ psychologists work to improve efficiency of people in business:
A. cognitive
B. developmental
C. industrial/organizational
D. physiological
E. none of these

525. A hypothesis is:
A. the independent variable
B. an explanation of a phenomenon
C. a testable prediction derived from a theory
D. the dependant variable.
E. none of these

526. The research method used by Freud was:
A. correlational method
B. naturalistic observation
C. survey research
D. case study method
E. none of these

527. The amount of association between two or more variable is:
A. correlation
B. naturalistic observation
C. reliability
D. synchronicity
E. none of these

528. Gestalt theory emphasized:
A. a flow of consciousness
B. the atoms of thought
C. environmental stimuli
D. our tendency to see patterns
E. none of these

529. Short fibers that branch out from cell body and pick up the incoming message are called:
A. dendrites
B. axons
C. nerves.
D. terminals
E. none of these

530. The ability of the eye to distinguish fine details is called:
A. visual dilation
B. Visual acuity
C. visual sensitivity
D. adaptation
E. none of these

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