311. distinguish fine details, the ability of the eye is called:
A. visual sensitivity
B. visual acuity
C. adaptation
D. visual dilation

312. . _____ is control by the thyroid gland :
A. Metabolism
B. Sexuality
C. Emotions
D. Glucose absorption

313. A theory named as “Gestalt theory” emphasized:
A. Environmental stimuli
B. A flow of consciousness
C. Our tendency to see pattern
D. The atoms of thought

314. Which one of the following is not listed as a classification of psychoneurosis?
A. Phobic reactions
B. Conversion reactions
C. Neurasthenic reactions
D. Delusional reactions
E. None of these

315. Psychoneurosis tends to be:
A. Severe than the psychoses
B. Milder than neuroses
C. Milder than psychoses
D. About the same severity as the psychoses
E. None of these

316. In essence the defense mechanisms are:
A. Defense against anxiety
B. Ways of convincing others of one’s rightness
C. Escape reactions
D. Conscious self-deception
E. None of these

317. The Thematic Apperception Test is a:
A. Situational test
B. Performance test
C. Projective test
D. Personality inventory
E. None of these

318. Psychosomatic disorders are best illustrated by:
A. Asthma caused by anxiety
B. Neurotic anxiety
C. Insomnia
D. Over-eating
E. None of these

319. Dependence, passivity and greediness are regarded as traits found in the so-called:
A. Anal character
B. Phallic stage
C. Genital stage
D. Oral character
E. None of these

320. Probably the most insidious form of defense mechanism is:
A. Reaction formation
B. Defensive identification
C. Withdrawal
D. None of these

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