1041.In psychology, case studies are used to?

A.show importance of case studies.
B.assess heritability of individual
C.draw general conclusions about behaviour of the client *
D.draw conclusions , about individual behavior on the basis of group finding

1042. Perceptual constancies are?

A.Likely inborn and not subject to leaning
B.An aid in perceiving a stable and consistent world *
C.Confusing to an individual rather than helping him determine what really exists
D.Illusion in which we perceive something that does not correspond to the sensory information

1043. Psychology may best be described as the scientific study of ——- and ——?

A.Mental states, physical states
B.Thoughts, emotions
C.Behavior, mental processes *
D.Mental health, mental illness

1044.Freud believed that adult problems usually?

A.Result in Freudian slip
B.Result in bad dreams
C.Can be traced back to critical stage during childhood *
D.Are the result of poor behavior

1045. Gestalt theory emphasizes?

A.A flow of consciousness
B.The atoms of thought
C.Environmental stimuli
D.Our tendency to see pattern *

1046.Whereas the ——- asked what happens when an organism does something; the —– asked how and why?

A.functionalist, behaviorist
B.structuralist, introspectionist
C.structuralist, functionalist
D.functionalist, structuralist *

1047.The —– lobe is to hearing as the occipital lobe is to vision?

C.Temporal *

1048.Reflexes are usually controlled by the?

B.Spinal cord *
C.Frontal lobe

1049.A part of the brain that sends signals “alert” to higher centers of the brain in response to incoming messages is?

C.Limbic system
D.Reticular formation *

1050.Perception of the brightness of a color in affected mainly by?

A.The saturation of light waves *
B.The wavelength of light waves
C.The purity of light waves
D.The amplitude of light waves