501. Which of the following instances suggest psychotherapy would be of no use?
A. A person who compeltely lacks remorse for past doing
B. A person with an inability to form emotional attachment
C. A person whose life situation cannot be modified
D. A person who is a close friend of the analyst

502. The most frequently cited characteristic among children with ADHD is:
A. Perceptual-motor impairment
B. Disorder of memory and thinking
C. Hyperactivity
D. Disorder of speech and learning

503. The “Law of effect” was coined by _________.
A. Skinner
B. Pavlov
C. Kohler

504. Archetype is a terminology associated with _________.
A. Jung
B. Freud
C. Adler
D. Skinner

505. Phonemic restoration as we perceive speech in a noisy party is an example of–
A. Top-down processing
B. Bottom-up processing
C. Subliminal Perception
D. Supraliminal perception

506. Who established the first experimental psychological laboratory?
A. Sigmund Freud
B. F. Skinner
C. Evan Pavlov
D. Wilhelm Wundt

507. From the following pioneered psychologist who is associated with A. Behaviourism?
B. F. Skinner
C. William James
D. Megde Arnold
E. David Hull

508. Who is recognised as the father of psychoanalysis?
A. Sigmund Freud
B. Tolman
C. Alfred Adler
D. William James

509. Wolf Gang Kohler was associated with _________ school of psychology.
A. Social Psychology
B. Gestalt Psychology
C. Industrial Psychology
D. Educational Psychology

510. Social Psychology deals with _________?
A. Behaviour of an individual at work
B. Behaviour and experience in social situations
C. Behaviour of ethnic groups
D. Abnormal Behaviour of people

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