1341. Who is known for his groundbreaking work on the psychology of suggestion , multiple personality disorder, Psychopathology and genius ?

A. Norbert Schwarz
B. Zick Rubin
C. Boris sidis *
D. Diederik Stape

1342. Who is known as founder of the tilburg institute for behavioral economics research, later suspended from Tilburg university for fabricating and manipulating data ?

A. Norbert Schwarz
B. Boris sidis
C. Diderik stape *
D. Zick Rubin

1343. Who is renowned for hig ground breaking work on stereotype threat also known for introducing self affirmation theory ?

A. Claude steele *
B. William swann
C. John THibaut
D. Norman Triplett

1344. The main function of myelin is to :

A. Form a protective coating over nerve axons *
B. affect the speed of nerve impulses
C. Block the reception of acetylcholine
D. Aid a nerve’s receptivity the number of receptor sites avaialbe

1345. The cell body of a neuron is also called the :

A. Dendrite
B. Axon
C. Myelin
D. Soma *

1346. Neurons are made up of dendrites , a soma and :

A. Axons*
B. Axles
C. Atoms
D. Axes

1347. Who organized scientific values into a coherent system of psychology ?

A. Carl Gustav jung
B. Daniel Kahneman
C. Philip Johnson Laird
D. Jacob Robert Kantor *

1348. Who is known for environmental psychology ?

A. Rachel and stephen kaplan *
B. Doreen Kimura
C. Kurft Koffka
D. Lawrence Kohlberg

1349. Who is known for sex and cognition ?

A. Rachel and stephen kaplan
B. Doreen Kimura *
C. Kurt Koffka
D. Lawrence Kohlberg

1350. Who is co-founder of gestalt psychology ?

A. Rachel and stephen kaplan
B. Doreen Kimura
C. Kurf Koffka *
D. Lawrence Kohlberg