431. Specialized cells of nervous system carry:
A. Messages
B. Reflexes
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of the (a) and (b)

432. The combination of responses or ideals in novel way is called:
A. Exploration
B. Creativity
C. Thinking

433. Group intelligence testing is better than individual testing:
A. True
B. False

434. Birth typically occurs after:
A. Forty weeks conception
B. Thirty eight weeks conception
C. Four weeks conception
D. None of these

435. Longitudinal researches investigate:
A. Behavior through times as subject age
B. Behavior of different ages are compared
C. None of these

436. A verifiable scientific finding is one that can be:
A. Observed in real life
B. Proven impossible to test
C. Proven valid, accurate and indisputable
D. Replicated with the same result
E. None of these

437. An independent variable is:
A. The only variable of interest
B. A variable that is independently verified
C. A variable whose value depends on that of the dependent variable
D. The variable that is manipulated by experiment
E. .None of these

438. The main regions of brain are the:
A. Hind brain, forebrain, midbrain
B. Cerebral cortex, forebrain, hind brain and midbrain
C. Forebrain, midbrain and anterior region
D. Central hemisphere, and left hemisphere
E. None of these

439. Of the three different types of the neurons, sensory neurons are unique in that day:
A. Carry impulses from the brain and spinal cord to parts of the body that then respond to the impulse.
B. Receive information from the receptor cells and send this information to the brain or spinal cord.
C. Reside exclusively in the peripheral nervous system has two functions, to send signals to motor neurons, and to receive signals from receptors.
D. None of these

440. The four parts of the neurons are:
A. Axon, cell body, myelin sheath and dendrites
B. Axon, dendrites, nucleus and terminal buttons
C. Axon, cell body, dendrites and terminal buttons
D. Axon, dendrites, myelin sheath and modes of ranvier
E. None of these