661. Psychology is the science of the mind and
A. Behaviour
B. Control
C. Nervous system
D. None of these

662. The word “psychology” comes from the Greek
A. Greek
B. Latin
C. Arabic
D. German

663. The word “psychology” comes from the Greek word
A. psyche and logia
B. psyche and lagia

C. psycho and logia
D. None of these

664. Greek word psyche meaning:
A. “breath, spirit, sole”
B. “breath, Love, soul”
C. “breath, spirit, soul”
D. None of these

665. Greek word logia meaning the.
A. Study of something
B. Life
C. Beauty of something
D. None of these

666. The school of psychology that focused on identifying and examining the fundamental components of conscious experience, such as sensations, feelings, and images was
A. behaviorism
B. structuralism
C. humanism
D. psychoanalysis

667. John B. Watson believed that psychology should involve the study of _________.
A. Consciousness
B. The brain
C. The mind
D. Behaviour

668. Which of the following approaches might suggest that forgetting to pick his mother up at the airport was Henry’s unconscious way of saying that he did not welcome her visit?
A. psychoanalytic
B. behavioral
C. humanistic
D. cognitive

669. Fred, a tennis coach, insists that he can make any reasonably healthy individual into an internationally competitive tennis player. Fred is echoing the thoughts of:
A. Sigmund Freud
B. John B. Watson
C. Abraham Maslow
D. William James

670. Tabula Rasa is a term taken from Latin that literally means a:
A. Blank slate
B. Real State
C. State of mind
D. None of these

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