411. The four main goals of psychological research are:
A. Description, experimentation, prediction and control
B. Description, explanation, assessment and manipulation
C. Description, prediction, assessment and manipulation
D. Description, explanation, control and validity
E. None of these

412. The group in an experiment which receives no treatment is called:
A. Control group
B. Experimental group
C. No group

413. The portion of your nervous system which controls breathing and digestion is:
A. Axon
B. Autonomic
C. Linear circuit
D. None of these

414. The color, smell and feeling of the flowers are relayed through what part of brain:
A. Acetylcholine
B. Thalamus
C. Motor area
D. None of these

415. A hungry person would find food to be a:
A. Primary reinforcer
B. Secondary reinforcer
C. None of these

416. A psychologist explains you that learning can be best defined in terms of underlying thought process. What theory is being stated:
A. Social learning
B. Cognitive learning
C. Trial and error
D. None of these

417. According to Maslow, a person with no job, no friends and no house can be self actualized:
A. 100 percent yes
B. 100 percent no
C. None of these

418. A need to establish and maintain relationship with other people:
A. Achievement motivation
B. Need for affiliation
C. None of these

419. Term n-ach was introduced by:
A. Mc Cleland
B. Jung
C. Maslow
D. None of these

420. Repression refers to:
A. Primary defense mechanism
B. Regression
C. Frustration
D. None of these