481. Which one of the following is not a dimension of the auditory experience?
A. Loudness
B. Pitch
C. Saturation
D. Timbre
E. None of these

482. The best studied perceptual constancies include:
A. Brightness, focus, angle
B. Shape,location, size
C. Colour, texture, content
D. Size, age, weight
E. None

483. Behaviour according to Operant conditioning theory is controlled by:
A. Its consequences
B. Free will
C. Knowledge
D. Instinct
E. None of these

484. Experts generally agree that the primary emotions include:
A. Fear, Anger and Joy
B. Disgust, anger and shame
C. Love, joy and sadness
D. Fear, anger and hatred
E. None of these

485. According to Freud, most of the things, we do, think and feel are caused by:
A. Conditioned response to our surroundings
B. Unconscious forces of which we are not aware
C. A strong desire to grow and develop
D. The beliefs and ideas we have about the world

486. One of the factors Alfred Adler believed to be important in shaping personality is:
A. Difficulty with toilet training
B. Birth order in the family
C. Unconditional positive regard
D. The collective unconscious
E. None of these

487. Which of the following orders of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is correct:
A. Safety, physiological, belongingness, self actualization, esteem
B. Belongingness, esteem, physiological, safety, self-actualization
C. Physiological, belongingness, safety, esteem, self-actualization
D. Physiological,safety,belongingness,esteem,self actualization
E. None of these

488. The statement that psychology is empirical means:
A. Psychology is different from other sciences
B. The methods of psychology are based on controlled experiments and on observations made with great precision and objectivity
C. Scientific psychology originated in greek and roman ages
D. Psychological principles are based on consensus of scientists
E. None of these

489. Many of the Neo-Freudians have modified Freud’s original theory of personality to give more emphasis to:
A. Child sexuality
B. Social and cultural factors
C. Difference between sexes
D. Unconscious forces
E. None of these

490. Norms can be best defined as:
A. Standards and expectations shared by members of a society
B. rules of law
C. Statistically normal behaviour
D. Universal rules of conduct
E. None of these

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