601. The release of emotions is called:
A. Behaviour change
B. Insight
C. Mastery
D. Catharsis
E. None of these

602. Rudolf Goekle used the word ‘Psychology’ for the first time in the year __________?
A. 1590 AD
B. 1095 AD
C. 1950 AD
D. 1509 AD

603. For the first time, the word ‘Psychology’ is introduced by_________?
A. Rudolf Goeckel
B. William James
C. Sigmund Freud
D. G. Jung

604. The perspective which is concerned with characteristic changes that occur in people as they mature is known as _________?
A. Developmental Perspective
B. Biological Perspective
C. Humanistic Perspective
D. None of these

605. Psychologists with the Biological perspective try to relate behaviour to functions of _________?
A. Body
B. Mind
C. Soul
D. Unconscious

606. The system which still survives very nearly in its rigid forms is __________.
A. Cognitive Approach
B. Dynamic and Psychoanalytic Approach
C. Holistic Approach
D. Existential Approach

607. ________ approach emphasizes the role of instinctual processes and their modification in the course of interaction with the society.
A. Dynamic and Psychoanalytic Approach
B. Cognitive Approach
C. Holistic Approach
D. Stimulus-Response Behaviouristic Approach

608. _________ approach is popularly rooted in Gestalt psychology.
A. Wholistic Approach
B. Stimulus-Response-Behaviouristic Approach
C. Dynamic and Psychoanalytic Approach
D. Cognitive Approach

609. Which one of the following approaches tries to analyze human behaviour in terms of stimulus-response units acquired through the process of learning, mainly through instrumental conditioning?
A. Cognitive Approach
B. Dynamic and Psychoanalytic Approach
C. Stimulus-Response Behaviouristic Approach
D. Existential Approach

610. ________ is the least noticeable value of stimulus ?
A. Stimulus Threshold
B. Response Threshold
C. Hypothesis
D. Problem