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41. Phrenologists tried to find out about personality by:
A.. reading a person’s horoscope
B.. feeling a person’s skull
C. looking at a person’s hands
D. asking people questions

42. A limitation of selective breeding studies is that they cannot:
A. tell us anything about the role of genes
B. be used to study human beings
C. provide information relevant to the nature/nurture debate
D. tell us anything about the role of the environment

43. Which Neo-Freudian challenged his ideas about penis envy?
A. Adler
B. Fromm
C. Jung
D. Horney

44. Someone who feels as though they are not living up to expectations would be
described by Adler as having:
A. low self-realization
B. an Adlerian complex
C. an inferiority complex
D. low actualization

45. According to Freud, the mind’s three components are:
A. ego, id, superego
B. unconscious, moral, immoral
C. oral, anal, phallic
D. primary, secondary, tertiary

46. The idea that you can assess someone’s personality by studying their face is called:
A. phrenology
B. physiology
C. somatology
D. physiognomy

47. The ________ complex is to girls as the ________ complex is to boys.
A. Electra, Oedipus
B. Oedipus, Electra
C. oral, phallic
D. phallic, oral

48. The discovery that the heritability of the Big Five personality traits is around 40% – 50% suggests that:
A. the environment plays no role in personality
B. genes play no role in personality
C. the environment plays an important role in personality
D. the Big Five traits account for about half of our personality

49. Humanistic psychologists embraced the idea of:
A. repression
B. free will
C. unconscious drives
D. the id

50. According to Eysenck, extraverts seek to ________ their arousal while introverts seek to ________ their arousal.
A. decrease, increase
C. B.c. increase, decrease
D. reveal, hide