511. A major part of developmental psychology is devoted to the understanding of behaviour of _________?
A. Children
B. Adolescents
C. Women
D. Old people

512. Who is the founder of ‘Individual Psychology’?
A. David Hull
B. Thorndike
C. Alfred Binet
D. Alfred Adler

513. Industrial Psychology is _________?
A. Theoretical Psychology
B. Applied Psychology
C. Educational Psychology
D. Abnormal Psychology

514. The concepts like “Introspection” and “Conscious Experience” are associated with _________?
A. Functionalism
B. Behaviourism
C. Structuralism
D. Gestalt Psychology

515. Who has been credited as the first developer of first intelligence test and made important contributions to our understanding of the thought process?
A. William James
B. Alfred Binet
C. William McDougall
D. J.B. Watson

516. What it is called, when more than one independent variable works in an experimental situation?
A. Situational Crisis
B. Interaction
C. Multi Situational Effect
D. Variable Crisis

517. In the simplest experimental method, ‘E’ manipulates __________?
A.One Variable
B. Two Variables
C. Three Variables
D. None of these

518. In _________ method of study in psychology, passive study and analysis of human behaviour is usually done.
A. Introspection Method
B. Experimental Method
C. Observational Method
D. Genetic Method

519.An approach used to research design to systematically investigate a person or a group is called. 

A. Directed Observation
B. Archival research
C. Case History
D. Descriptive research

520. From the following psychologist, who rejected introspection as a method of psychology ___________?
A. B.F. Skinner
B. Fulton
C. Cattell
D. J.B. Watson

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