371. Development of any skill depends intimately on ____________?
A. Muscle facility
B. Feedback
C. Abstractions
D. Kinesthetic stimulation
E. None of these

372. Thorndike’s “Law of Effect” was an early form of the present day principle of _____________?
A. Extinction
B. Reinforcement
C. Contiguity
D. Trial and error
E. None of these

373. In Pavlovian conditioning the learned response is ____________?
E. None of these

374. The approach-approach conflict involves ____________?
A. A stable equilibrium
B. An unstable equilibrium
C. An oscillation of (A. and (B.
D. Neither (A. nor (B. (C.
None of these

375. Self-assertive behavior is an example primarily of:
A. An abundance motive
B. A stimulation motive
C. A survival motive
D. A security motive
E. None of these

376. The concept of homeostasis most closely associated with the name of:
A. Richter
B. Cannon
C. Levin
D. Warden
E. None of these

377. Psychology deals with_________________?
A. only violent behavior
B. only normal behavior
C. mental states of individual humans
D. groups of people in interaction
E. None of these

378. Who is called the father of Modern Psychology?
A. Wilhelm Wundt
B. Ibn-e-Khaldoom
C. Adams Smith
D. Charless Darwin

379. The psychological test of human emotions and personality, using inkblots, is formally known as what?
A. Rorschach
B. Nervous
C. Renal
D. All of above
E. None of these

380. Educational psychology is concerned with the scientific study of____________?
A. education
B. philosophy of education
C. human learning
D. teaching methods

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