861. People with moderate mental retardation would have an IQ in the range of–
A. 10 to 19
B. 35 to 54
C. 55 to 70
D. 20 to 34

862. The following is not typically found in a school in a school guidance counsellor’s office–
A. Sand pit
B. Lie detector
C. Psychometric tests
D. Puppets and play dough

863. Which of these is not an information based system?

864. Which of these factors is not required for communication growth?
A. Growth in size of organisations
B. Negative atmosphere
C. Globalisation
D. Public relations

865. Globalization, growth of trade unions, public relations and a positive atmosphere are some of the factors that enable ____________.
A. Good friendships
B. Happiness
C. Isolation from society
D. Communication growth

866. Every organization has a social responsibility.
A. True
B. False

867. Which of these does not come under behavioural sciences?
A. Globalization
B. Psychology
C. Sociology
D. Transactional Analysis

868. Which of these element is not involved in the process of communication?
A. Pipe
B. Sender
C. Message
D. Channel

869. A sender is the person who transmits a message.
A. True
B. False

870. Which of these is the third element of communication?
A. Sender
B. Channel
C. Message
D. Receiver

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