381. Who defined “Psychology as the science of immediate experience with consciousness being the main subject matter”?
A. E.B. Titchener
B. William James
C. Sigmund Freud
D. Wilhelm Wundt
E. Both A. & D.

382. Rejecting the concept of “S-R” connectionism, further “S-O-R” concept was developed by___________?
A. I.P. Pavlov
B. C.G. Jung
C. E.B. Titchener
D. Sigmund Freud
E. Woodworth

383. “S-R” concept was first established by___________?
A. Woodworth
B. Wilhelm Wundt
C. William James
D. I.P. Pavlov
E. J.B Watson

384. Who defined ‘Psychology’ as the scientific study of activities of organism in relation to its environment?
A. J.B Watson
B. Sigmund Freud
C. C. G. Jung
D. William James
E. Wood worth

385. E.B. Titchener (1867-1927) defined ‘Psychology’ as the science of____________?
A. Science of Soul
B. Science of Mind
C. Science of Experience
D. Both A & B
E. Conscious Experience

386. J.B. Watson, the founder and father of behaviouristic school of psychology, defined ‘Psychology’ as the science of_____________?
A. Soul
B. Consciousness
C. Mind
D. Behaviour

387. Psychology can be literally defined as the_____________?
A. Science of mind
B. Science of behaviour
C. Science of soul
D. Science of consciousness
E. None of these

388. Who is the father of Experimental Psychology?
A.Wilhelm Wundt
B. Sigmund Freud
C. C.G. Jung
D. E.B. Titchener

389. In the year___________the Scientific Psychology was first accepted?
A. 1779
B. 1679
C. 1879
D. 1889
E. 1894

390. Psychology as a ‘Science of Mind’ defined by__________ school of psychology?
A. Psychoanalysts
B. Behaviourists
C. Functionalists
D. Ancient Greek Philosophers

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