221. The term “soma” is related to …
A. synapse
B. neuron
C. axon
D. cell body

222. Melatonin is produced by which gland?
A. posterior pituitary
B. hypothalamus
C. pineal gland
D. anterior pituitary

223. The goal of social cognitive therapy is basically …
A. self-actualization
B. self-regulation
C. uncovering hidden conflicts
D. all of these

224. Social Learning Theory was developed by …
A. Albert Bandura
B. Alfred Hitchcock
C. Albert dakwin
D. Albert Einstein

225. Bandura’s social cognitive theory is based on which perespective?
A. agentic
B. learning
C. behavioral
D. none of these

226. The ecological theory explains about …
A. cognitive development
B. affective processes in development
C. environmental influences on development
D. none of these

227. Which theory says that there are sensitive periods of development in human life?
A. social cognition theory
B. ecological theory
C. ethological theory
D. none of these

228. Which one is related to post-traumatic stress disorder?
A. sleep disturbances
B. thoughts of suicide
C. depression
D. all of the above

229. Which of the following theory is not included as a “content theory”?
A. herzberg’s two factor theory
B. maslow’s need theory
C. vroom’s expectancy theory
D. none of these

230. Upon which two factors frederick herzberg thoery based?
A. social factors
B. motivation factors
C. hygiene factors
D. all of these

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