691. In the year 1913, C. G. Jung, established his school after separated from Sigmund Freud, which is known as __________?
A. Psychoanalysis School
B. Individual Psychology
C. Psychoanalytical School
D. Child Psychology

692. Who is the first woman, awarded Ph.D in psychology?
A. Anna Freud
B. Margaret Floy Washburn
C. Melanie Klein
D. Karen Horney

693. The concept of building block of consciousness was laid by __________?
A. Watson
B. Wundt
C. Freud
D. Jung

694. A systematic study of facts according to a reliable and correct method of study is called a __________?
A. Scientific Study
B. Biological Study
C. Methodology
D. Social Technique

695. The first psychological laboratory was established in India at __________?
A. Delhi University
B. Bombay University
C. Calcutta University
D. Banaras Hindu University

696. Who proposed the famous PASS theory on psychology?
A. Binet-Simon
B. Cattell
C. J.P Das
D. Thurstone

697. The role of brain, body chemical, central nervous system, neural mechanism, etc., are considered the _________ branch of psychology.
A. Cognitive psychology
B. Positive psychology
C. Neuropsychology
D. Evolutionary psychology

698. Wilson was the strong supporter of _________ plays vital role for shaping of behaviour?
A. Genes
B. Culture and environment
C. Past life
D. God or almighty

699. Hope, happiness, optimism and flow takes together as __________?
A. Cognitive psychology
B. Positive psychology
C. Humanistic psychology
D. Evolutionary psychology

700. Abraham Maslow and Carl Roger were the founder of ________ approach?
A. Developmental approach
B. Biological approach
C. Humanistic approach
D. Socio-cultural approach

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