1231. Freud was a :

A. Behaviorist
B. Structuralist
C. Psychologist *
D. Physician

1232. Which early school of psychology emphasizes the observable consequences that follow response ?

A. Functionalism
B. Gestalt
C. Structuralism
D. Behabiorism *

1233. The term Self-actualization comes from which psychological perspective ?

A. Evolutionary
B. Cognitive
C. Biological
D. Humanistic *

1234. Who is associated with the Gestalt school of Psychology ?

A. Ivan Pavlov
B. B.F. Skinner
C. Max Wertheimer *
D. John Watson

1235. Who is a humanistic Psychologist ?

A. Sigmud Freud
B. Abraham Maslow *
C. B.F.Skinner
D. John Watson

1236. According to John watson, Introspection was :

A. A valid method of research
B. Unscientific *
C. The comerstone of behaviorism
D. The study of the mind in use

1237. Which of the following would be one of the key concepts of behaviorism ?

A. Individualism
B. Unconscious
C. Environment *
D. Self -Actualization

1238. One difference betwee sociologist and psychologists is that psychologists study :

A. Behavior in individuals *
B. Biological processes more than psychological processes
C. Religion, Philosophy and epistemology
D. Animal behavior rather than group behavior

1239. Marcy told the therapist the reason she wants a divorce from her husband is that he has been unfaithful to her. Which goal of psychology does her reasoning represent ?

A. Control
B. Describe
C. Predict
D. Explain *

1240. Who claimed that behavior is affected by positive reinforcement ?

A. B.F Skinner *
B. Sigmud Freud
C. William James
D. Wilhelm Wundi