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201. Cross tolerance is…
A. no addiction to any drugs
B. exposure to one drug make reason of tolerance to other drugs
C. both a and b
D. none of the above

202. Why drug addiction commonly prefer heroin to morphine?
A. it is a better drug
B. the effects are different
C. It has no effects
D. the effects are more rapid

203. Relapse of drugs are reason of activation of ?
A. nigrostriatal dopamine pathway
B. mesocortical system
C. mesolimbic system
D. both a and c

204. There are ———- trait dimensions did Cattell propose?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 16
D. 117
E. None of these

205. Which of the following are the aim of behavioural genetics is to learn about:
A. the possibility of eradicating behavioural problems in children
B. the ability of animals to learn the language
C. the extent to which geneticists can modify people’s behaviour
D. the genetic and environmental influences on human behaviour
E. all of the above
F. none of these

206. Which of the following characteristics describe someone who, according to Maslow, is self-actualized?
A. creativity
B. confidence
C. Spontaneity
D. None of these
E. all of the above

207. Which of the following is not a defence mechanism?
A. ingratiation
B. regression
C. projection
D. Sublimation
E. None of these

208. The MMPI is used to measure:
A. leadership potential
B. the Big Five traits
C. personality and psychological disorders
D. unconscious drives
E. all of the above

209. Which of the following would NOT be useful to a behavioural geneticist?
A. case studies
B. family studies
C. adoption studies
D. twin studies
E. none of these

210. Which one best describes a person. who is sensitive and intellectual? William Sheldon suggested that body build was associated with personality traits.
A. endomorph
B. neurotic
C. conservative
D. mesomorph
E. ectomorph

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