841. Cattell Propounded gf-gc theory of intelligence mainly based on–
A. First order factors of abilities
B. Second order factors of abilities
C. Third order factors of abilities
D. Higher order factors of abilities

842. Which one of the following statements is true?
A. The ‘Global Five’ factors in personality refer to the second-order factors of 16 PF, latest edition.
B. The ‘Global Five’ factors refer to the factors assessed by the NEO-Five. Factor Inventory, latest edition.
C. The ‘Global Five’ factors refer to the factors assessed by Goldberg’s bipolar adjectives.
D. The ‘Global Five’ factors are derived from Eysenck Personality Profiler, latest edition.

843. Which of the following statement best defines maturation?
A. It is directly based on Social-Cognitive learning.
B. It is an automatic biological development of the body that naturally unfolds overtime.
C. It does not take place in human beings.
D. It is the basis of all physical and psychological developments.

844. Jia had written a list to do her week and work, but incidently left it home while going out for her first activity. Trying to remember the list, Jia remembers what was at the beginning of the list and what was at the end but not those things in the middle. This is an example of–
A. Encoding specificity effects
B. Flash bulb memory
C. Serial position effect
D. Tip-of-the tongue effect

845. Brief stress enhances the activity of immune system as evidenced by the action of–
A. macrophages
B. T cells
C. B cells
D. All these

846. Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) are mainly indexing–
A. Creative Products
B. Creative Processes
C. Creative Personality
D. Creative Persuasion

847. Which one the scaling method is more likely to yield multidimensional attitude scale?
A. Guttman Scalogram analysis
B. Paired comparison method
C. Equal appearing intervals method
D. Method of summated rating

848. A psychologist was administering a projective test which involved a word association task. She tended to nod and smile every time a plural word was given by the respondent. The following testing bias was seen–
A. favouritism
B. test wiseness
C. selective reinforcement
D. gender of assessor

849. The underlying motivation for acts of aggression is–
A. intent to harm
B. anger
C. retaliation
D. need to exert control

850. Which of the following is a characteristic of Chomsky’s theory?
A. Development of language is between three and five years of age
B. Language development is dependent on the reinforcements received by t.he child
C. Children acquire mistakes in language by observing their parents and others around them
D. Children have an innate mental grammar