791.Who is known for his research on influence processes?
A. Daryl Bem
B. Peter Burke
C. Robert Cialdini
D. Leon Festinger

792. One of the reasons to study psychology is
A. to understand the human mind and how it works
B. to learn how to manipulate others.
C. to completely understand and predict human behavior.
D. to have the answers to all of life’s questions.

793. Which of the following is the best example of covert behavior?
A. blinking in response to a light
B. imitating a friend’s gesture
C. remembering a pleasant experience
D. rapid eye movements while sleeping

794. The goals of psychology are to
A. develop effective methods of psychotherapy.
B. describe, predict, understand, and control behavior
C. explain the functioning of the human mind.
D. compare, analyze, and control human behavior

795. If modern day managers donot positively address and manage work force diversity of the following may become negative outcomes for an organisation except
A. more difficult communication
B. Increased creativity and innovation
C. more interpersonal conflicts
D. potential for higher employee turnover

796.The structure of an OB model includes 3 levels of analysis individual, group and organizational systems. Issues that influence all 3 levels in various ways and thus affect behavioural dynamics are
A. change and stress
B. Organisational culture and commitment
C. Power and politics
D. work design and technology

797. some of OB’s challenges and opportunities include all of the following except
A. reinforcing the importance of traditional methods of management
B. offering specific insights to improve interpersonal and people skills
C. helping us learnt to cope in a continues changing world
D. facilitating the improvement of quality and employee productivity

798. A program that asks managers to reconsider how work would be done and the organisation structured if they were starting to develop the company from the beginning is
A. reengineering
D. Diversity training

799. The American Psychological Association was established in

A. July 1890 at Clark University
B July 1892 at Clark University
C. July 1895 at Clark University
D. July 1898 at Clark University

800. He is famous for his work in operant conditioning and behavioral modification. He was also an author of Utopian works such as Walden II.
A. Skinner
B. Wundt
C. Thorndyke
D. Kohler