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131. The purchase of new forms of behaviour, information or concepts through submission to others and the result they experience is called
A. Slow learning.
B. Observational learning.
C. Operant learning.
D. Conditioning learning

132. Select the meaning of classical;
A. Well planned.
B. Planned manner.
C. In an established manner.
D. Without planning

133. In Pavlov’s experiments as the experiment proceed the sight of the bowl, the sight of the experimenter and in the end, even the sound of experimenter’s footsteps make salivation, Pavlov called these learned reactions as;
A. Psychic secretions
B. .Natural reactions.
C. Neutral reactions.
D. Unnatural reactions.

134. The classical conditioning has been defined as;
A. Unlearned behaviour.
B. Stimulus substitution
C. Neutral.
D. Response behaviour.

135. Select the meaning of Russian word ouslovny;
A. Unconditioned,
B. Classical
C. Conditioned.
D. Operant.

136. Small fibers that branch out from the cell body and pick up the incoming message are known as;
A. nerves.
B. axons
C. dendrites
D terminals
E. none of these

137. The thyroid gland controls:
A. glucose absorption
B. metabolism emotions
C. emotions
D. sexuality
e. none of these

138. The capacity of the eye to differentiate fine details is knowns as;
A. visual acuity
B. visual dilation
C. visual sensitivity
D. adaptation
E. none of these

139. Select the name of the disorder in which results when fluid pressure constructs inside the eye and causes damage to the optic nerve:
A.. prospagnia
B. glaucoma
C. dyslexia
e. none of these

140. Optical mirage result from the twist in:
A. perception
B. sensation
C. transduction
D. adaptation
E.. none of these
Answer perception