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181. Freud believed that adults’ problems due to?
A. Results in a bad dream
B. Results in a Freudian slip
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

182. Gestalt theory explained?
A. Our tendency to see a pattern
B. Environmental stimuli
C. The atoms of thoughts
D. All of the above

183. Reflexes are usually controlled from
A. Frontal lobe
B. Spinal code
C. Medulla
D. None of these

184. Perceptions of the brightness of the color in effect mainly by?
A. The wavelength of light waves
B. The purity of light waves
C. The saturation of light waves
D. None of these

185. Psychophysics is the study of?
A. The psychological perceptions
B. Depth perceptions
C. Perceptual illness
D. None of these

186. The certain characteristics of the principle of natural selection propose that will become more prevalent in a species that:
A. increase the likelihood that an organism will completely reproduce
B. are associated with multiple genetic mutations
C. inhibit reproduction behaviors
D. impair adaptation to the local environment

187. Genetic mutations are involved in:
A. The accidental changing in the chromosomes of eggs and sperms
B. poor adaptation to the environment
C. increased reproductive success
D. both a and b

188. Who was the first that linked the brain with emotions and thought?
A. Descartes
B. Hippocrates
C. Aristotle
D. Galen

189. which is the correct statements for Descartes would have been most comfortable with?
A. the universe is a mental construction
B. the body is a hallucination produced by the mind
C. the mind is not made up of matter
D. everything is made of matter

190. The basal ganglia is responsible for?
A. movement
B. motion
C. force
D. memory